Sunday, March 25, 2012

the traveling trees

CJ and AUD go to Humboldt, 2009.

CJ used to play for a rugby team in Vacaville and Saturday would be game day.
It was fun when the games were in Vacaville, a better turn out, 15 minute drive, & he was able to shower right away (truuuust that he was stinky after the game)
...but to be honest I preferred away games more.

Why? Because it was an all day event for us.
Depending on where the game was held, we would leave early and travel all day.
We were together soo long those days, and I loved every minute second of it.

This game in particular was going to be held in Humboldt.
Do you know how long that drive is from Vacaville? No? Just about 6 hours each way! = a happy Audrey!

Also, if you've never driven up north, you're missing out on some spectacular redwoods.

We stopped at some cool restaurant/shops area. The tree behind CJ had a little door.

So this is how ants feel?

I apologize that we are practically camouflaged with the tree.
The ONE time CJ doesn't wear a super bright neon shirt...

Nevada is pretty much barren. I want to see trees. BIG trees.
Wow, my predicament is the real life version of the movie LORAX.

Anyway, I hope you all have a grand day, hug a tree for me, will ya?

Monday, March 19, 2012

turning japanese

CJ and AUD go to the San Jose Japanese Friendship Garden, 2010.

Spring is among us and when I think of spring one word automatically pops into my mind...
Then after that one, the word flowers comes to mind.

There was a time when I was obsessed with San Jose.

San Jose is a city about 2 hours away from my hometown. 
In my family, if we wanted to go to a big city the "go-to" was San Francisco (duh, best city ever).
But for some reason, for a short time in my life, I really loved San Jose.
Maybe it was the atmosphere, or the culture, or the great weather...

OK, let's not lie... I love San Jose for 3 reasons
1. The Great Mall (ok, technically this is Milpitas)
2. Dave & Busters (LOVE this place for it's fun atmosphere)
3. San Jose Sharks ('nough said)

CJ and I made our way down to San Jose more times in a few months than I had made in my entire life. REI, D&B, Mall... Always on our list of places to hit up.

One visit, we decided to check out the Japanese Friendship Garden.
It was a beautiful day (weekday, might I add so it was pretty much empty)
and we spent a lot of time strolling around, taking pictures, and talking.

Luckily, I had taken my allergy med that morning so my nose isn't red like it would be if I hadn't.

At one of the entrances

CJ liked the tree behind him so I took a picture of him with it.

The little house thing.

My elbow looks dislocated... gross.

It was such a beautiful day for a picnic... Unfortunately we hadn't thought about that...

One of the cool statues in the garden.

Apparently the SF Tea Garden is much more amazing, but we haven't had the chance to visit it yet.
Don't worry, it's on our list.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

a day in the life; planking

a day in the life: CJ and AUD go plankified.

The plank pose is a popular pose from Yoga. 
It's where you use your hands (or forearms) and feet to support your body & from head to toe, you should be in one straight line. Like a plank of wood.
If you do it correctly, it's actually an excellent workout to 
tone your core, strengthen your arms, and stretch your spine. See here

The "Planking" craze is something that blew up over internet social platforms.
You basically lie face down in an "unusual or incongruous location" or on something random.
(No, I'm not giving you a link for an example... Google it for yourself, I think you deserve the laugh... & Yes, I asked Siri "What is planking?" so that I can get an accurate definition for you guys... only the best for our readers!)

Anyway, since I really love acting like a fool and
 I really really love getting pics/vids of me doing stupid stuff
(You know, to one day show my future kids how their mom was livin' it up 2012 style)
I immediately thought "planking" was hilarious and starting planking up a storm...

My first plank was in a popular store

You always remember your first plank ;)

Planking Disneyland. LOL this reallly makes me laugh for some reason.

Planking while camping

So, to continue the C&A bloop reels. 
Here is a video dedicated to plankifying our lives.

Click here for previous C&A bloops.

P.S. If you liked my Plank Song, click here for a never before seen video of C&A (and friends!) doing my Toms Dance...

Hope you enjoyed & had a good laugh... Go out there in the world & PLANKIFY IT!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

rainy days date

CJ and AUD explore the Exploratorium, 2008.

It was a rainy day in 2008. Much like how the weather (in the Bay Area) is right now.
I remember CJ and I hadn't seen each other for a few days due to school and work.
We both had the day off & he asked what I wanted to do.
Rainy days to me equal days when I am a lazy couch potato.

"I'm just going to stay home & relax," I told him.
He called me and said, "I'm picking you up in 20 minutes"
He surprised me by taking me to San Francisco to spend the day at the Exploratorium & then check out the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. (Aw, how sweet!)

I apologize for not getting many pics at the Exploratorium. As first timers, there is WAYYY too much stuff to keep yourself occupied to not even THINK about anything else!

Some mirrored prism thing

CJ is doing the stare contest with this head that moves like it's watching you.

Taking pictures at the Palace of Fine Arts... Beautiful even when it's gloomy out!

Always find a moment to steal a kiss from the one you love.

Next up is Golden Gate time!

The viewing area where you can park off the bridge and you have a great view.

We went up one of the nearby hills for a good view of the bridge since it wasn't foggy...
Though in the pictures it looks like it was daytime, in reality it was getting darker.

Acting silly as usual.

Favorite pic of the day is our eskimo kiss (you can kind of tell it's getting darker, yeah?)

Some rainy days are great to be a couch potato, but rainy days can also be great for some quality adventures!! Especially if it's with someone special!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


St. Patricks Day is quickly approaching & it's easy to wish you were a little bit "luckier" in life.

Obviously today (Daylight Savings) was unlucky for some of us...
I consider losing an hour of sleep to be one of the unluckiest things to happen to anyone!

I always say I'm "unlucky" because I don't ever win the lotto, or win anything for that matter
but really, I don't care if I'm not lucky because I am blessed.

Blessed with a job
Blessed with a roof over my head & food in my fridge
Blessed with great friends
Blessed with a supportive family
Blessed with a loving fiance

It's ridiculous how much I adore this guy.

So really, don't think about how you can "get lucky" (boys) 
or how you can "change your luck" (gamblers in Reno right now)
& definitely don't be sad about how you're "out of luck"

Count your blessings & you'll realize luck has nothing to do with it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

lions, tigers, & Tweety bird, OH MY!

CJ and AUD go to Marine World/6 Flags/Discovery Kingdom, 2008.

Growing up in the 707 area code, I've been (sorta) spoiled.
Why, you ask? we've got the Jelly Belly Factory, a shopping mall, the VV outlets, Tacos Jalisco,
and 'cause we've got Marine World 6 Flags Discovery Kingdom!
(OK, it's not really that cool, I mean it's no Disneyland/Disneyworld/Universal Studios)

Theme parks (that aren't Disney) get old after a while.
They especially get old if you live by one and go to it a lot!
Birthdays... fright fest... trips w/ friends... bored & wanting to be spontaneous... etc.

So I haven't gone to Discovery Kingdom for a couple years & CJ hasn't for even longer...
One hot summer day, CJ went out on a whim & took me to Discovery Kingdom.
It was surprisingly enjoyable.

Waiting in line for the bumper cars.

He won a SF Giants bear!!! =)

He asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted the Tweety bird slippers.
& he won them for me without a hitch!!

In the butterfly exhibit... Which there really weren't many butterflies (fail)

We were sitting out in front of the lion exhibit and I thought this picture was the cutest thing!

Anyway, my point is that sometimes things get old.
You might have something in life that you think is boring and not as exciting as it once was...

My challenge to YOU is to try it again!
You'll either:
1. spark an interest that you once had, or
2. still think it's boring...
Either way, you can't find out unless you try!
& you have a 50% chance of finding out that it is surprisingly enjoyable.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mexico, 2010 (pt 4)

CJ and AUD go to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2010.

Next up... Our last few days including the best part of all: XPLOR

XPLOR adventure park was one of the most enjoyable parts of our vacation.
The park had ziplines, four wheeling, and river  caves that you can raft in.


Waiting for our ride (thanks to Edgar --our Walmart tour guide)

Raising up the X for Xplor!

We're so excited, we researched this adventure park months in advance.

The entrance

Getting our helmets (you have to wear the helmets at all times in the park)

We were waiting in line to hit up the ziplines first!

There were two zipline circuits.
The first had 6 zip lines, 2 hanging bridges, and 1 zip line w/ water landing.
The other had 5 zip lines, 2 water landings, and a water slide.

Stairs and stairs and more stairs! 

Carl on one of the hanging bridges... 
I was sorta scared, being so high up is scary for a short person, but the excitement triumphed over the fear

First zip line of the day and the dude pretty much threw me out!
It was SOOOO awesome!!!

We zip lined together for some of the super long zip lines.

Another hanging bridge!

We have to climb what? To go where? Are you crazy?

You can't tell, but it was so bright our eyes are barely open in this picture!

Here's a view of one of the water landing zip lines

Waiting in line.

I like this pic of Carl coming in from one of the lines... 

My favorite picture from the zip lining adventure... 
CJ was on the line next to me and he actually took this picture while spinning around!

The cool water slide!

After zip lining, we all thought we'd take a go at the four-wheelers.

Remember in my last post I had mentioned that Carl had "bright" shirts so that we would NOT lose him in Mexico? At Xplor Carl wore a bright orange shirt... you see the guy in the bright orange shirt? That is not Carl...
and we (CJ, Katie, and I) followed him around for a long time until we realized 
Bright shirt... FAIL!

The first round Katie drove one jeep and CJ drove the other

Awesome bridges that we drove across

"Look ma, no hands!"

We would drive through caves & these trees were sticking out of the top of one cave.

Next round, Carl drove and CJ drove... again.

"Doin' it Indiana Jones style!"

Enjoy this video of us going through a cave

After the jeep fun, we were all exhausted & thought it was a good time to refuel...
Xplor provided an all you can eat buffet with lots of delicious and healthy food.

After lunch we "xplored" the rest of the park.

This is a natural "dryer" -- template of how it works.

It collects the wind through that funnel looking thing and then takes the air through a series of pipes that warm the air up from the heat of the sun...

The air then gets blown out the other end (this dude's mouth) and it is warm air!
I want one for my house.

Next we decided it was getting pretty warm out so we went underground for some rafting...

As we were walking along in the underground cave all the lights went out for like 10 seconds and scared EVERYONE because it was pitch black under there! Thankfully the lights turned back on and we booked outta there so fast!

We don't have pictures of it, but they have a "hammock" zip line that you can go on as many times as you want... CJ and I decided it was the coolest thing everr so we went on it over & over & over!

Here's a video!

All in all, I would highly recommend Xplor for anyone that is in the Cancun area and wants to have a day of fun. Yes, the tickets are pricey, but it was totally worth a full day of adventures!

Having fun in front of the beating heart!

On our last night in PDC, CJ, Katie & I decided to hit up 5th Avenue and go to a restaurant for the most delicious Al Pastor tacos... I am telling you, that if you EVER go to Playa del Carmen you NEED to go to Aca Los Tacos on 5th avenue and you need to order yourself 10 of their Al Pastor Tacos... 
I kid you not, you will be forever indebted to me.

Cool looking dude

Made our last stop to 100% Natural for juice because that place is so delish.

Katie and her 100% natural juice to go.

CJ and his tamarind juice

I had to have horchata with my amazing tacos... 
OMG I'm salivating just thinking of it.

Done and DONE!

Waiting for the boat back to Cozumel to end our trip to Mexico.

At the Houston airport we ate at the restaurant named Bubba Bayou City Grill (it is a Cajun/Creole style restaurant that I think is only available at this airport)
If you find yourself at the Houston International Airport and have enough time to have a sit down meal.
GO TO THIS RESTAURANT and get the shrimp appetizer. It is buttery and delicious with a hint of spiciness. Well done, Bubba Bayou, well done.

Next up are pictures of our first drink of water on the mainland (& not bottled).
Hurray! We don't have to be paranoid about our drinking water anymore!

That is the end of our adventure in Mexico...
I am about 99% positive that we will end up back there again.