Thursday, December 18, 2014

apple hill

Sometimes you just gotta grab your love one and take 'em to the hill...
Apple hill that is!

Apple hill is a group of Apple growers located in Northern California
This collection of apple "farms," wineries, bake shops, etc is such a fun filled family adventure that anyone of any age would enjoy!

Personally, CJ & I go for the food. 
An assortment of the most delicious Apple pies to eat there or bake at home... check!
Apple donuts, apple cider, and apple butter to make you feel warm and cozy inside... check!
Apple beer/cider/wine for you to enjoy with great friends... check!
Apple milkshakes that don't taste like you regret taking in the extra calories... check!
Apples, apples, apples.
I don't know if you've ever tried Mustu apples but they are HANDS DOWN my favorite apples EVER

For more information, click here for the official website
Annnnd, if you go, make sure to save a map (click here) to pick the stops you want to make!

This year we had our little child with us

Most adorable dog EVARRR!

Our my favorite bake shop Larsen Bake shop
I ALWAYS purchase 2-3 slices of their different assortment of pies. 
I cannot even tell you how delicious the pies they have are!

Larsen Apple Barn is actually one of the places that we ALWAYS stop at! 
Click here for more info

The Wine Shop for the apple milkshakes

Family photo!

I didn't take photos of all the places we went that day
I highly recommend Apple hill for a fantastic fall outing!

Our recommendations:
Larsen Apple Barn and Bake Shop just cause it's our fave
High Hill Ranch, the largest (and busiest) but it's a one stop shop for everything
Apple donuts at Rainbow Orchards
Boa Vista Orchards for some fresh apple cider
Apple beer or hard Apple Cider from Jack Russel Farm & Brewery
Abel's Apple Acres for the kids to play and for you to enjoy some pies
The Fudge Factory for fudge (obv) and other delicious yummies

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas Disney mash-up

Merry Disney Christmas!

One of my favorite things about living in Fresno is that it cuts 3-hours off our drive to the happiest place on Earth... DISNEYLAND can I get a woop woop?!
I understand that I am in the higher 20's now but I will never stop being a Disney girl.

Last year was CJ & my first visit to Disneyland during Christmas (as a married couple, I had gone with my family in 2005 before a Mexican Riviera Cruise)
I noticed that this year we couldn't stay away again... Therefore, I am going to combine pictures and give you our Merry Christmas Disney mash-up!

2013 Merry Disney Christmas

"I can't help that beasts flock to me" This thing is made up of Legos... Now that's what I call art! 

Ice skating rink in Downtown Disney, because why not?

First pic from entering the park... We were waiting in line for our newlywed buttons!

Probably one of my favorite pictures... EVER

Pure love, joy, happiness, excitement, deliciousness... just everything I need.
During the Christmas season Disneyland has special menus all over the park... During regular visits I am all about that Mint Juleps & beignets (always a MUST HAVE when at the park!) My personal favorite during the holiday season is the Hot Caramel Spiced Apple Cider & pumpkin beignets! Deliciousness!


In line for the Jingle cruise... So festive, that Disney.

Our "Just Married!" buttons... Workers all over the place kept saying Congratulations! It was nice to be recognized... haha

We were waiting for one of the best shows, Mickey and the Magical Map
Seriously, go watch it next time you're there... it's totally worth it!!

"Everyday I'm castle-in"

So beautifully decorated this time of year! I said, MUST HAVE...

Sup bro, I like your style.

Love this handsome man of mine!

PDA pics and a Santa photo bomb

I love you Disneyland, always and forever.

2014 Merry Disney Christmas

I need these decorations for my house one day

I seriously obsess and get all cray cray over Haunted Mansion this time of year!

Waiting for Big Thunder Mountain railroad...
Last time we were at Disney (earlier in 2014, it was closed)

forever obsessed with this... It will never get old.

Apparently this is my go-to face for all ride pictures

Got our "Just Married!" buttons on! #forevernewlyweds

Our first time riding the Mark Twain riverboat... so nice and relaxing!

Ran into this little munchkin and had to snatch her up!!!
(Side note, one of the main reasons we went this year was because my bee-eff-eff and her family were there as well)

Can we just stop for a second and just appreciate the lit up It's a Small World ride?

The picture on the left is me stalking the Mears family

My name is on the Naughty and Nice List found in It's a Small World

So beautifully decorated

All sorts of victories in one photo

Can't seem to get past Planetary Pilot status...

So in an effort to continue the Christmas cheer through to the 25th, let me wish you all a Merry Disney Christmas!