Tuesday, February 25, 2014

wedding edition: Luau celebration!

Newlywedded celebratory Hawaiian Luau

For some odd reason, I happen to love these last few entries... this included
Obviously, it is because it was been the happiest day of my life, but also because I got to share it with so many people that I love. What's better than that?!

Who: the newlyweds and all our guests 
What: yet another thing to celebrate our recent nuptials
Where: Paradise Cove Luau
When: the evening of June 8, 2013 - Yes, 06/08/13 was packed with perfection
Why: because we like to celebrate then celebrate some more!

I understand that there are several luaus on Oahu (some better than the one we chose)
However, Paradise Cove Luau was the first luau I went to when I was younger & I just remember having such a fantastic overall experience. Therefore, it's the one we chose to go to & invite anyone who wanted to join.

Target practice. My ankle Eric is the one in the white top and khaki pants. He hit the bullseye!

The Pontillas' and The Olsons!

Awaiting our turn to go on the canoe!

What we didn't know was that this was practice because we had plans to canoe on an Outrigger in the oncoming days... (read about it here)

Walking to the different events in the luau

I think I can climb a palm tree like that dude... Except I don't know if I'd be able to come down.

He threw out some orchids..

My adorable (sun-kissed) husband

With our matching pareos!

Thai & Grace showed up to have some luau fun!

Delicious drinks!

Tequila sunrise, hold the tequila?

Me and mommy

Trevor *hey brotha!* and Jacki

Nicool showing off her painted tattoo

Just because it was a fun memory for me. Jason (who is in the brown shorts) went chasing after these guys to take a picture. They were bringing the lechon (pig) to the buffet area!

My sis-in-law (cool! I get to say that now!) Katie!

Showing off our little tattoos. Mine was a flower & CJ's was a shark

Devin, our ring bearer and my godson, is so smart! He went to different stations and won these necklaces, then went around asking if anyone wanted to buy some off him!

Ankle Eric, Uncle Danny, & my cousin Omar (left to right)
Our family to the right of us

Katie, Trevor, & Jacki (left to right)
Our family to the left of us

couple pictures

a.dor.a.ble. Paras children

Love these two!

With the beautiful Tiffany! I am SO happy she lives on Oahu and was able to attend!

Our infamous Alex Smith pose (inside joke from years ago)

Foss Siblings. These two... I have nothing but good things to say about them!


Hawaii has THE best sunsets EVER!


The luau begins!

Below are assorted sunset photos... It's so hard to send out these photos to everyone so they are here. 
Steal as you wish, friends and family.

Overall, it was the perfect ending to our perfect day.

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Next up: some pretty spectacular sunset photos!!

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