Friday, April 20, 2012


CJ and AUD get mountain bikes.

I learned how to ride a bike pretty late in life... Teen years.
I remember every day after school & home work, I would go out in front of my house and ride for hours.
Back & forth on my block (I was & still am very paranoid that someone is going to kidnap me)

CJ practically grew up on a bike... 
He remembers when he would play street hockey with his friend Ryan on a basketball court on his bike instead of roller blades. One hand on the bike the other on the hockey stick.
Now, he loves mountain biking.

Now that we're older & I am much more adventurous, we decided it's time to get really good mountain bikes that would endure our sort of/not so much crazy outdoor adventures and last us a good amount of time.

In come Scheels, Sports Authority, and specialty bike shops.
In the end, Scheels always comes through and thanks to our salesman, Mike, we both purchased our own Trek bikes! I love it sooo much & CJ is already obsessed with his.

First off, apparently Trek is a dependable brand & it's a bike that ACTUALLY fits me!!
(As in a 13 inch frame... They had to BUILD the bike for me! They only had regular people sized bikes on the floor)
Secondly, it's got all the features we want in a mountain bike 
(chime in CJ, because my only requirement was that it's pretty)
Lastly, the ever-so-knowledgable Mike gave us endless amount of advice on how to care for our bikes... You can't get that anywhere else, they just set you free & say good luck!

CJ's first day with his bike & he logged in 10 miles already.
I unfortunately had to work, but after work we set out and rode around town & out in the desert a little!

We'll probably hit up our usual places of outdoor adventures (Mammoth & June Lake area) but I cannot wait for summertime because Yosemite is only an hour away from me!
Cheers for the new Trekkies & for new adventures to come!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


CJ and AUD's almost but not first kiss.

Isn't the moment of your first kiss exciting?
That feeling you get in your stomach right before you think it's going to happen
 (Or you hope it's going to happen)
The second that your eyes meet and it's completely comfortable
That anticipation that you hate and love all at the same time...

I remember the night of CJ and my almost but not first kiss.
My friend, Krystina, and I were going to meet up at the VV stake center for Volleyball. 
I convinced CJ to go with me so I met him at his house, which was a couple blocks away.
His house is not very difficult to get to, but if you know me you know that I get lost easily
Wellllll, I got lost to his house and had to call him for directions (passed the turn like 4x)

When I finally got there, he wanted me to watch an episode of his favorite show, Shark.
We had talked about it previously and I was interested in him it.

After the episode, it was a beautiful evening with perfect weather so we decided to walk.
We met up with krystina, watched a little volleyball (I didn't play cause I was trying to impress him & playing would cause the exact opposite reaction).

After volleyball we decided to walk back but by this time, it was dark out.
As we were walking back, CJ and I were talking about how ridiculous it was that I got lost to his house. He then says to me "OK, you take us to my house"
I'm thinking, Great. I don't even know where we are. He's going to think I'm an idiot. We'll be walking around all night, but like a dork I agree.

We I spent the next 20 minutes getting us lost while he slyly steered us in the right direction.
He put his arm around me as we walked & it just felt right.
I thought to myself, this was a perfect night for our first kiss!
We talked, we laughed, and there was an orange cat following us the entire time. 
I named him Garfield and he was going to be ours forever... at least in my mind.

By the time we got to his house, I needed to go home.
He walked me to the door of my car, told me that he had a great night despite my complete lack of direction, we hugged, we lingered close to each other, eyes locked, and...

that's it.
WHAT?! That's it?!!
yup... that's it.

This is when I realized (with Garfield the cat as my witness) that CJ is different than all the others. 
Sweet. Kind. Romantic.
Everything a gentleman should be.
and I should not let him go.

& I never will.

I'll always remember the Garfield night. It was epic to our relationship.
Moral to the story: you don't need a first kiss to make a moment special
as long as you're with someone special, that's all that matters.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


CJ and AUD are foodies.

If you know me you know that I like love to eat out...
don't get me wrong here, a nice homemade meal is the business
but I am strange in the way that I love food, but I don't like to cook.
Hence, I love to eat out. Fancy restaurants, fast foods, diners, you name it - I'm there!

...and then I moved... a town with two pizza parlors, a chinese food take-out place, & a McDonalds...
yeahhhhh, I thought I was going to live off microwavable food, canned food & ice cream.
You can imagine that coming from eating out a lot to eating in was a big change.
I've been cooking for myself (surprised? I am) but I miss food that I wouldn't or can't make for myself ie. sushi

SO, it's only normal that every time I go to civilization home I have a list of foods I want to eat.

CJ is the opposite. He mostly eats at home and only ever eats out when he's with me...
...and he loves me enough that whenever I come home, he takes me wherever I want to go to eat
and we eat our hearts away together!! that's dedication.

When we end up going to Reno for lunch, I always want something new.
In comes to the rescue...
I don't know if anyone uses yelp, but it is my FAVORITE!  It is how we found this amazing sushi place in Reno!!

So, since I use yelp so much, and CJ and I are total foodies
We decided to join yelp so that we can write our own reviews of the places we've been!

The ever-so-famous Boiling Crab bibs. 
You haven't eaten at The Boiling Crab unless you've taken a picture with your bib on. It's just not plausible.

Sure, everyone wears The Boiling Crab bibs, but do they wear Chipotle bibs?  

Check out our reviews (more to come soon...) at:

We are always open for suggestions of great places to eat
and we hope that our suggestions may lead you somewhere you've never been!
Happy eating ya'll!! From one foodie to the next!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Olson boys!

CJ & AUD celebrate Easter together, 2012.

I was supposed to go home this weekend for Easter, but I ended up picking up a shift on friday (overtime yeee haw!!) so I decided not to go to Cali anymore.

My plans were as follows:
 Clean apartment
Groceries: bananas, cereal, & pretzels (which ended up as bananas, cereal, Milano mint choc cookies, sharp cheddar cheese, tortillas, & ground beef)
Vampire Diaries marathon

I began my plans early Saturday morning...
laundry: CHECK, apt cleaned: CHECK, Groceries: CHECK&then some
then during my VDM I got a very wonderful text message from my soon-to-be mother-in-law, Deanna, stating that she is loaning her two sons to visit me for Easter weekend!
(it's ok to be jealous that I have an AWESOME mom and an AWESOME soon-to-be-mother-in-law)

CJ & Trevor arrived around 4-ish.
We exchanged hugs and began digging into our Easter goodies (what else would we do?!)

When we got hungry for actual food I decided to take them to a pizza place in town that I've recently fallen in love with... yeahhh... my bad.
First we waited an hour and a half for our "large deep dish hawaiian style pizza"
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE "DEEP DISH" TO YOU?!!! cause it doesn't look like it to me..
I even asked & the worker lied to my face, "Yes, that's deep dish"
...if that's deep dish then I must be eating "super duper deep dish" all those other times...

Anyway, we ended the evening with monopoly &, you guessed it, Easter Parade!
Trevor won, btw. But secretly, I did because the Olson boys were in Hawthorne!

Today we went up to Reno for lunch & shopping.

& since I know you all despise LOVE our car adventures, heeeeeeere you go!
it has been long overdue...

I'm a happy little asian when my other half is around!!

Oh my man, I love him so!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"a fella with an umbrella"

CJ and AUD love easter!

Easter is approaching quickly and I am very excited! I LOVE EASTER!
Time for bunnies, easter hunts, fake grass, plastic eggs filled with candies...
easter candy TOTALLY beats out Valentine's day & Halloween candy!

1. Peeps (have you ever tried PEEPS s'mores? O.M.G.)
2. Cadbury eggs: caramel filled chocolate eggs
3. Cadbury eggs: the candy coated chocolate eggs... 
& there's cadbury ice cream -- vanilla ice cream popsicles covered with chocolate... PRETTY sure my life is fulfilled!

My favorite thing about easter is watching the Easter Parade w/ my mum!
It is our easter tradition and I look forward to it every year!!!
plethora of good songs + fred astaire + judy garland = pure magic

This last weekend I worked & the wind here has been so crazy!
I thought my allergies got bad due to the wind, but in reality I caught a cold.
Coming from an RN to you non-RNs, proper hand washing is KEY!

I hope to head home this weekend so I can keep up the tradition w/ my mom and maybe get CJ in on it too so he can enjoy the awesome-ness.
Hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend & if you've never watched Easter Parade, maybe check it out this year & make it your new tradition!

CJ throwing up the heart sign. =)

This was from Easter 2008 (?)
My oldest sister's (Lisa) church had an Easter performance of which CJ and I attended with my mum & dad.

btw, I apologize for slacking on the posting... I'm not gonna lie, I got lazy.
Here's a sneak peek to the next post... C&A day out w/ some paras girls in the city!
"[CJ's] a fella, a fella with an umbrella" 
**if you watch Easter Parade you'll know what I'm talking about.