Wednesday, July 18, 2012


SO in love with this song right now:
Christina Perri - Arms

"You put your arms around me and I'm home"

*This photo was taken at my bee-eff-eff & bee-eff-eff-in-law's wedding (08/16/08) @ the Oakland Temple.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


CJ and AUD visit Yuba River, 2010.

Summer of 2010 was one word: amazing!
 Not only did we go to Mexico (read it here, here, here, & here), but we also did a plethora of outdoor fun.
Visiting Four Falls (read about it here), tubing down Cache Creek, relaxing out on the beach, & cooling down in Yuba River were all summertime staples!

Yuba River was a fave in 2010. CJ knew about it, but hadn't actually visited it so we tried it out...
and we fell in love! The cool water was perfect for those 90+ degree weather, the huge rocks all over were great for those who liked to sit out & bathe, and for the adventurous ones, you can hike up the river to be more secluded & the enjoy swimming under huge rocks above.

When we got to the main part of the river (large pool area where most of the visitors enjoyed their day) we would stay and wade around for a few, then we would move up the river... 

Relaxing enough to enjoy some yoga.

CJ said he felt a fish brush up on his leg when I took this pic.

Yuba River: a C&A automatic summertime staple!

Our summer time staple list seems to grow & grow.
Now that I am based in Nevada, the list is growing longer and longer!

(One necessary summer staple is an SF Giants game! Yup, I'm working on that.)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


CJ and AUD celebrate America's independence.

Happy Fourth of July!

Vacaville Creekwalk, 07/04/08

Sunday, July 1, 2012

two places at one time

CJ and AUD have lunch on Lake Mary, 2012.

City of Mammoth lakes is a place that CJ and I go often.
What he wanted to do: either rent a kayak/canoe on Lake Mary & fish OR hike Devils post-pile & hit up Rainbow Falls.
What I wanted to do: upon recommendation from my co-workers, get a fresh turkey sandwich at Schats Bakery &/or get a caramel apple.
Is it sad my life revolves around good food?

Schat's on Main Street, City of Mammoth Lakes.

Cute little bakery with cases of goodies when you walk in, then a separate room for specialty sandwiches.
View our review on here.

Lake Mary was crackin! People were camping (wish I were one of them) & there were a good amount of boats on the lake, all fishing.

Canoedling =)

Lunch on the lake! Turkey sandwich on sourdough (Schats), half a choc chip cookie, pickle, & sea salt chips(TJ)!

This is what I think I do....

This is what I actually do...

& poor CJ picks up the slack! What a good guy!

Check out our video:

Unfortunately, two hours later, no fish were caught & we were pretty much paddling to go against the wind. We returned the boat and decided to move onto better things...

This little trinket of heaven was first dipped in caramel, then covered with a white choc/peanut butter mix, & lastly, a milk chocolate drizzle.

CJ sad because he couldn't share his pastry because I am allergic to kiwi.

I love how you can see the layers of deliciousness.

Next stop, CJ wanted to go to the Minaret lookout.

I don't know if you can tell, but the saw-toothed looking mountain is the "minarets"
There is a lake below those mountains that CJ wants to hike to.

Checking out reading materials at the lookout place.

On our way home, we always pass the state line.
I can close my eyes & based on the way the road is (bumpy vs smooth) I can tell when we hit Nevada (smooth) or Cali (bumpy)
This time, we I decided to stop so that we can take a picture of a Nevadan (me) & a Californian (him)

Silver state? More like Desert/Dirt state!

Sunny california! Who's that cutie?

California/Nevada state line kiss. =) never done that before!

It was such a beautiful day, poor CJ got burnt.
Though not posted, we of course went to Mono Cone --twice.