Sunday, March 31, 2013

A bunny for my honey

Happy Easter!!

Judy Garland & Fred Astaire = MAGIC


CJ and AUD visit the shark tank!

I LOVE hockey watching the San Jose Sharks play. 
I have only been to one live game with a dear high school friend, Dustin!
and it was such a FUN experience!!
CJ has never gone to a game - pause for gasps - and so it only seemed fit to take him to a game!

A great start of this game was that it was completely spur of the moment.
I woke up one morning & had the inclination to go to a game... I just had to convince CJ.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy

This was from our seats, but I liked it so much I had to start with it.

Before the game we tried out a Jamaican food restaurant: Back A Yard (click for yelp review)
Our first time trying Jamaican food & let me tell you, writing to you about it... 
Jamaican me hungry!

We got in the tank when the doors opened. Early to view the ice! SOO exciting!!
I like being early to sports games. I can get a feel of the place, walk around & really appreciate it without having to push through crowds of people. 
Also, the bathrooms are empty, you can look at the gear they're selling, & there are short food lines.

I love this handsome man, but I think he needs some Sharks gear!

Couple pictures before the game (& before the massive crowds)

CJ enjoyed the game, he was hoping to see a shoot out & he got his wish!
The Sharks unfortunately lost and it was probably the first game that I've ever watched where no one fought... BUT it was awesome none-the-less!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunrise to sunset in Yosemite

CJ and AUD's 24 hour trip to Yosemite, 2013.

The best part of Fresno is that it just so happens to be one hour away from Yosemite.
Lucky? I think I am!

We spent the night in Yosemite. Eeeeeearly morning, we drove to the tunnel view look out to check out what the big hullabaloo was about Yosemite sunrises...

Yeahh... hullabaloo accepted. It was BY FAR the most beautiful sunrise I've ever witnessed in my life.
Pic taken by CJ and though it is beautiful, it doesn't even capture a fraction of how amazing it is in person.

Freezing or not, totally worth it!

CJ was excited to use his Christmas present from his mom. It is a mini stove thingamabobber.

He's so sweet, always thinking of ways to make me happy... Which almost always means food.

Breakfast: Eggs, ham, & bell peppers, along with (our favorite) delicious Stephen's hot chocolate!

This is my favorite of the two of us. The sun coming up over our heads. 

Video of us during this epic sunrise:

Next, we decided to drive to Mariposa Grove.
On our way to Mariposa Grove we passed by this family of deer:

Some huge trees in Maripose Grove.

I was napping in the car when he took this.
BTW, this summer we fully intend to hike the 4.5 mile trail in Mariposa Grove!

crazy big tree

It was around 8a.m. and there was snow on the ground (unmelted from the previous storm) so it was still a little too cold to do anything at this point. If you know us, you know what that means... NAP TIME! 

After a nice little nap in the car, CJ rode his bike down the twisty-turny road while I drove the car down. We decided to go back to the valley floor to bike around. YAY!

Yosemite falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the woyld!

I wish I could live in this moment forever... 
Not a care in the world (ok, maybe just care that our camera didn't get stolen behind our backs... haha)

Can't wait to come back during the summer when the grass is green and the sky is blue, this pic will be 100x better! But, great view of half dome from where I'm standing!

Us and our trekkies, LOVE our bikes!
FYI: we HIGHLY recommend bike riding in Yosemite. You can park anywhere, and all the great sights are so easy (& quick) to enjoy!

A video we took while on a biking stop in front of Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite has some MASSIVELY large crows. When I saw these crows flying around, scenes of The Birds came to mind and I got super scared that they were gonna peck my eyes out. NOT COOL!

Had to dismount the bikes and hike to the bottom of Yosemite falls. I can tell this visit would be a HIT during the summer heat because it's pretty misty at the base of the falls.



After hiking up to the falls, we decided to ride to the General Store then to The Ahwahnee Hotel.

On our way, CJ spotted a wolf on the side of the road... 

The outside view of the mountains from The Ahwahnee Hotel!

He should be a model for Columbia or North Face.

On our way back to the car, we biked on one of the bridges that boasted this lovely view of half dome. Half Dome is so popular, but I personally think the El Capitan is cooler looking.

On the bridge there was a story about Half Dome... If you ever go, you should find the bridge and read the story, it's interesting.

Excited about my new Yosemite tee!! It says: "Yosemite Rocks" 
Indeed, Yosemite ROCKS! & it totally has pictures of yosemite rocks on it. Double-y awesome.

Our new matching shirts!

And I will leave you with this last video... YOSEMITE ROCKS!!

All in all, our 24 hours in Yosemite trip was a complete and utter success!
I am SO lucky to be in a city so close to this beautiful national park.

SUMMER is coming up...
 Anyone wanna visit this Fresnan and have some fun in Yosemite?