Friday, June 29, 2012

fun kids

CJ and AUD and his niece & nephews, 2010.

CJ's niece & nephews, E, A, & J, used to live in Vacaville but now they live in Texas...
They are the most fun kids ever! They are great and I love spending time with them.
One of my favorite times with them was during Christmas time, 2010.
They came down to visit, and even though it was cold outside, we took out the Rhoads car (picture below) and went to the park...
Jake was (finally!) at the age to where he was allowed to come out and play with us.

CJ & I had to go somewhere for an errand and they did not want me to go! =)

E is the oldest (sweetest kid ever), then A (she's a hoot & a half), & J (one word: adorable)

The summer before they moved to Texas (J was a baby & couldn't come play w/ us just yet!)

We had to update our picture with Jake


On the way to the park!

If they weren't cute enough, CJ's sister & brother-in-law just had baby #4!!
Welcome to the world, R!!

CJ and I can't wait to meet you. =)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

wanna go down like lundy lundy lundy

CJ and AUD hike Lundy Canyon, 2012.

I work with some awesome people who enjoy the outdoors!
Dr. Dees & his wife, Margaret, invited CJ & I to hike Lundy Canyon with them this week.
When Dr. Dees first mentioned it, he described it as "an easy going hike with the right amount of incline, & you end up at the waterfall"
YES! (we are suckers for waterfall hikes)

The hike was, indeed, pretty easy going (granted the last 3 hikes CJ & I went on there was 2-hours of incline)
You can see our last three hikes: here, here & here

Dr. Dees & Margaret hike quite often (they told us some pretty crazy stories! ie. hiking until 1 in the morning!) so it was nice to be around people who knew the names of the flowers & different trees & wild life we encountered.

destination: bliss.

We sat up at the top of the waterfalls eating watermelon, grapes, & cucumbers.

Obviously it wouldn't be a C&A adventure without a picture of all of us!

Up we go!

I lost the battle against the mosquito bites: I have at least 20!
I looked it up, 10% of the population are "mosquito magnets" -- I am unfortunately part of the 10%

CJ came out pretty unscathed: 5 bites.

This was right after Margaret accidentally swallowed a bug.

We were so fortunate that they invited us on this awesome hike!

It really was picturesque there!

On the way back through the greenery!

What I enjoyed most was that for most of the hike, there was water nearby!
We even had to cross over a couple of streams.

Can't really tell, but this was a super cool dam!

On the way out of Lundy, there is this rock that someone painted into an indian chief...

After our hike we set out to Lee Vining for dinner at a barbecue place.
Can't go wrong with a tri-tip sandwich!
Overall, it was wonderful to spend the day with such great people in the beautiful outdoors!
Plus, this is a hike that I am 100% positive CJ & I will embark on again and again.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sure-Win Lakes

CJ and AUD hike to Sherwin Lakes, 2012.

One of my coworkers, Mindeya, is a hiker and she suggested that CJ & I go to Sherwin Lakes in the City of Mammoth, CA. She said that she & her boo stumbled upon it and that it's a very beautiful area.

Of course, we take suggestions!

First off, she forgot to mention that it's out in the boondocks of Mammoth (kinda jk)
Secondly, it's pretty much all incline & switchbacks... really?!!! add altitude & the combo kills me
HOWEVER, when you reach the top to the lakes it is actually very picturesque...

If you ask me, it sorta looks like June lake... except you can drive up to June lake!

There was a HUGE rock that I suggested we take some pictures on... It shows off the beautiful mountain
I initially sat down, but CJ insisted that standing up would look cooler.

Yes, CJ... I think I like this better!! =P

CJ got his head back!

We got lucky with excellent weather! Sunny with a cool breeze.
There was only about half a dozen people around so it seemed very much secluded.

CJ went off to explore the area a little while I stayed on the huge rock to relax.

Reppin' Komatsu (hat c/o Steven Webers(?) Myler-- your go-to Komatsu salesman!)

When CJ was out exploring, I got a little bored so I played the lava game and jumped around on only rocks... It was so much fun!! Little kids know the good games to play!!

Made friends with Simon the Chipmunk... I just want to hug him, he's so adorable!!!

Not sure if you can see, but we are wayy up there on that mountain...

...The City of Mammoth Lakes is down there in the background somewhere.

Here's a video of us at Sherwin Lake!

Anyway, CJ really enjoyed the hike... I really enjoyed the lakes. Sherwin Lakes is a win win.

Friday, June 8, 2012

past present future

Dear CJ,
Happy anniversary! Five years ago you asked me to be your girlfriend and one year from now I will be your wife. As I look back on the adventures we've done together, it doesn't seem like we crammed all those things into five years! Time seems to fly with you and yet when I look into your eyes time stands still. You're my best friend, my handsome peter pan, and the love of my life. Ily xINFINITY. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

april-may-JUNE LAKE!

CJ and AUD hike up to the falls at June Lake, 2012.

I am finally taking a break from wedding planning. CJ & I didn't want a huge ol' wedding where we paid a ton of money for a couple hours of fun... Instead, we wanted a smaller intimate destination wedding where the celebration & vacation both molded together into a week of amazingness!
Little did I know what I was getting into....

So it is time to go to my "happy place" (not literally, since it's 7 p.m. & I work in the morning).
Reminiscing about my happy place is almost not really like being there, but it will have to do.

When Trevor and CJ were here, this was one of the first hikes all three of us went on.
First of all, CJ & I had to introduce Trevor to June Lake... Our most favored destination right now.
Secondly, we wanted to hike up to one of the big waterfalls.
Lastly, and most importantly, we wanted Mono Cone...

So here we go...

The waterfall looks itty bitty in this picture!

The boys going up, up, UP!! (Deanna, don't worry, I made sure Trevor had his inhaler AT ALL TIMES!!)

Isn't he the cutest even when he's not paying attention?

Time for the posing pictures!!!

We're getting closer... slowly

We're HERE!!!! Just kidding, this was a small little "waterfall" along the trail

Quick break = photo op


I guess we all didn't realize how much "up" consisted of.. ugh, Trevor & I weren't the happiest.

On the way up, we decided instead of the switchbacks we would go up these tracks.. 

Forget you 24! Nature has got my back on the stair master!!

This is the "come on guys, we're allllmost there!"

CJ going down exploring

Awesome view!

Anyone wanna go tubing?

I really like this picture of Trevor... So serene!

What a little boy, so happy to be wandering around in the wilderness exploring!

Great view of the witto town of June Lake.

Which way did he go? Which way did he go?

Ahhh.... here's my happy place!

...and an even happier place now!

It took 2 and a half hours to go up... & about 45 minutes to come down...

We were SO ready to leave & hit up some Mono Cone... We DESERVED it!

A video on our ride to Mono Cone..