Friday, February 15, 2013

"Wickedness thrust upon them?"

CJ and AUD enjoy Wicked, third times a charm!

My February 13th present from CJ was tickets to watch my favorite show: Wicked!
Yes, this is the third time we will have watched it.
Yes, it was just as amazing as the first two times.
Yes, I sat in my seat singing along with every song.

Love the Orpheum!

Handsome and me on the streets of San Francisco!

On February 14th, CJ's mom and sister (Katie) made yummy sugar cookies to decorate and pass out.

When I got to their house, CJ told me to guess which ones he made... 
It didn't take a neurosurgeon to figure it out. Nonetheless, it was cute.

CJ's cookies to me "Stay up here" and "Don't go home"
hmm, is there something you're trying to tell me, CJ?

The cookies I made for CJ

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Like lovers do

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Spent an amazing day in San Francisco yesterday to watch Wicked

Hope you enjoy your day with loved ones!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I left my heart in...

CJ and AUD (& sisser) go to Pier 39 & an SF Giants game, 2008.

It has been sorta dreary here in Fresno. 
Most Fresnans probably hate this weather because I'm sure their 100+ degree summers begin as early as April and last well into October, but for me it is something else. It makes me a bit homesick. Especially more homesick for one of my most favorite cities ever:
San Francisco

Sweater weather is pretty much year round, summer lasts for only like one month, but to me, it is still one of the best cities ever. & since I'm a little homesick, here is a post about a really fun memory with CJ & my sisser in the city where I left my heart.

It all begins with tickets to a Giants game. Doesn't it always though?
Before the game, we decided to go to Pier 39 because for some odd reason
my sisser had some fascination of the seals there and the shop that sells caramel apples!

If you've ever been to Pier 39, there is a GREAT view of Alcatraz in the distance...

Great view of Alcatraz = picture time!!

Me and my sisser

Thank you Fudge House for making this girl suuper happy!!

Now to the game...

Pre-gaming it trying to get some autographs.

an extra zoomed in picture. WHOOPSIES!

Garlic fries and soda; a staple for a SF Giants game
(Not pictured: my traditional bratwurst w/ sauerkraut, I'm salivating just thinking about it)

CJ found a white hair... 
ugh, one year of dating & he was already stressing me out! haha!

Hugging the sisser! I forget... what did we get for free that game? I think it was a poster
Of course, we had to snatch an extra one for my mom!


Maybe a trip to the bay is much needed on my next five days off.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now is it Football or Soccer?

CJ and AUD go to a Soccer Game, 2010.

CJ plays rugby, but once upon a time he played soccer.
As much as I enjoy going to his rugby games, I think I would have enjoyed watching him play soccer a bit more (not as ruthless & dangerous).

Out of all the sports, CJ most likes watching soccer. His team is Real Madrid, so it seemed fit for us to go to the Real Madrid game when they came to SF. He was soo excited & so was I because I had never gone to a soccer game before (not one).

Now a couple things that I found very funny:
1. This soccer game was at the Niners Stadium. Football in a Football stadium? HOW appropriate!
2. We were supposed to get Real Madrid jerseys; his was supposed to be caca & mine pepe.

First off, we had Will Call tickets & it was the worst will call experience of my life.
Those stupid idiots only had ONE --yes, ONE TICKET WINDOW OPEN!!!
Everyone in line (including us) started getting really pissed off because we missed HALF the game, so they decided to just let us all in without obtaining our tickets to be scanned.

When we finally got in the stadium the rest was a blast.

Real Madrid won! It was SO noisy! Soccer fans know how to enjoy a game!!!