Saturday, November 17, 2012

Greeting the season!

CJ and AUD snow adventures.

Can I just say that I love C&A snow adventures!!!
I used to be a summer snob... Oh, you know...
"Summer is the best time to do outdoor stuff. It doesn't get any better than summer." 
Welllllll... That is no longer the case.

Yes, we may have more adventures during the summertime (how can we not with the hiking, biking, beaching, laking, etc), but it doesn't mean that we completely neglect nature during the winter.

Winter is great for 3 reasons:
1. holiday season
2. hot chocolate season
3. winter adventures!!

You can read about our first time on a frozen lake here
Our first time ice skating on a frozen lake here
and, my personal fave, snow shoeing here

Let us greet the season with a [hot chocolate] cheers to the wintertime!!
I hope you all find a great reason to go out and enjoy the snow or rain
OR stay in, grab a cup of your favorite hot choc (mine is Stephens Candy Cane hot chocolate -- it's like heaven in a cup... with candy cane) and have a cuddlefest with someone you love!

my first time snow boarding in Kirkwood circa 2008(?)
yeahhhh, I'm not that great -- these were the summer snob days, so 10 degree weather was not my cup of tea!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fresno fruit market fun

CJ and AUD's first Fresno Fruit Market.

Location: 14439 North Friant Road, Friant, CA 93626
Hours: Daily 8:30a.m. - 6:00p.m.

CJ and my [awesome] parents helped me move down to Fresno and I really couldn't have done it without them! Thank you mom & dad! I love & miss you already!!

Since Fresno has some great year-round fruit stands, my mom decided that every time she comes down to visit, I will take her to a new fruit stand. I am SO down for that!
We decided on one that was one of the shorter drives away from my apartment.
The Sumner Peck Fruit Stand and Winery.

Driving up to this place, you will see HUGE houses in the distance... This place is out in the country, NOT in the "city" at all so you KNOW those houses are mansions!

You drive up to it and it looks tiny, but very cool looking with glass walls and a huge archway that says "CHEERS TO YOUR HEALTH"

The left side has a shop for people who like cute little trinkets (Christmas themed, right now) and the right side has stuff for the foodies, see below.

This cute set up in the corner of the shop. I loved the white couch with the pink pillows!

FRUIT!! CJ researched and looked up what was "in season" right now...

Their assortment of bottled goodies. Marinated asparagus and other yummies. Also different olives.

Fig bars... I wanted to buy EVERY SINGLE BAG.
I'm actually thinking about taking a special trip up there to grab the Vanilla & raspberry bar one.

Selection of local honey (I grabbed a bottle since I'm hopeful it will help my allergies)

Dried fruits. My mom got the chile dried mangoes. 
I didn't get a chance to try it but it looked delicious!

These looked sooo good. Balsamic Pomegranate, Cherry, & Peach.
I might grab a bottle of this and some oil for dipping at Christmastime.


The peanut/almond/pecan/etc table!!!!
OMG, they had little tins for samples of each... I stood there for like 5 10 minutes trying EVERY SINGLE ONE & I kid you not, there were like 5 or 6 bags that I wanted to buy!

CJ loved it too...

We ended up picking up: pears, 4 little jars of specialty jams (pomegranate, peach jalapeno -- SO BOMB, apricot habanero, & fig balsamic), and a bag of raspberry honey almonds -- heaven at first taste!!
Prices were slightly more expensive than I had hoped, but then again, quality food is worth it.

In these next few photos, please excuse my chinky & closed eyes. In order to take this picture I had to look in the direction of the sun. I was literally teary after each photo was taken...

Mommy and me!

CJ and I. Note to self: bring SUNGLASSES next time!

It's going to be difficult to pass this place up to go to some other fruit stand, but then again, I'd rather ALL of them be winners! Can't wait for the next one!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wishing you were somehow here again

CJ and AUD watch Phantom of the Opera, 2009.

Randomly played my Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack on my iPod and BAM! I realized I never wrote about the C&A adventure to watch it live!
Phantom of the Opera... What can I say? A STAT post-worthy post

 We both love the 2004 film (with Emmy Rossum who totally ROCKS the role of Christine). We often listen sing to the soundtrack in the car, and on long road trips I will put it on to watch during the ride. It is a favorite for us.

CJ bought us tickets to watch it in Sacramento for our two year anniversary.
Before the show he treated me to a yummy hibachi dinner at Hisui. mmmm.

His family just bought a new scooter for Trev so I was just trying it out...

Before the show started!! SOOO excited!

Wish you could see the stage (this was intermission, obviously)

The show was, in one word, amazing.
The actors were brilliant, they had such great voices I was pretty impressed.
The scenery on stage for each scene was phenomenal.
Overall, I thought the show was BETTER than the movie (CJ still prefers the movie).

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I'm sorry it has been over a month since our last post...


(Yes, this Suisunian turned Nevadan is now a Fresnan!)

and will be starting a new job at Community Regional Medical Center!

I can't WAIT to fill you in on our last few adventures 
as well as the new adventures to come in Fresno!!!


Yes, you see it correctly... a Fresno Panera Bread WITH a drive thru window
Fresno: laziness? or GENIUS?

It is SO good to be an SF Giants fan!!