Thursday, August 16, 2012

tubing, tuuubing, tuuuuubing

CJ and AUD tubing adventures.

On really hot days (& I'm talking 100+ degree weather) CJ & I like going tubing down Cache Creek river and we especially like going with friends & family.

My first time tubing was summer 2007 and it was a blast!
Of course, CJ bought a "double" tube so that we can ride down together... 
Good thing, since everyone kept falling off when hitting the rapids.

Always the gentleman, paddling me down the river (circa 2007)

We try to go every summer when those 100+ days come up and CJ & I are always on the double tube!
One of my favorite memories was when we went with our friend Derek & his brother.
It was pretty much laughs the entire way down.

Last weekend, we went with our friend Steve...
Even though we got there later than we usually do, it was (true story) 110 degrees. Yikes!
Interesting twist, the double tube was inoperable due to CJ losing the plug for the air hole...
So what does that mean?
I, Audrey, went down... alone. (Pause for dramatic effect)

I fell off my tube twice, lost my sunglasses, but had an awesome time.
CJ said I kept giving him heart attacks! On my second fall, I was supposedly "floating about 10 feet down river with my legs above the water & my head underwater" -- Could've sworn it was only a few secs!

Aside from my first time going solo resulting in a ton of bruises, tubing is SO much fun.

This is an old picture, but it's one of my favorites!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


CJ and AUD watch Les Miserables, 2012.

CJ and I love going to shows... Our first date included going to watch Stomp (read about it here)
For my birthday this year, CJ bought us tickets to watch Les Miserables at the Orpheum theatre in San Francisco. Les Miz is one of CJ's FAVORITES & I have been wanting to watch it live for ever!
I know my birthday isn't until OCTOBER, but Les Mis is only in town for a little while & I couldn't miss the opportunity!

No flash photography inside the Orpheum theatre, hence, the HORRIBLE quality pictures.

Of course, San Francisco traffic & finding a parking spot sucked up a lot of time, so we ended up getting inside with less than 5 minutes before it started! 

We came to watch Wicked twice here, so I always get giddy upon approaching the entrance.

During intermission. 
Sorry for the horrible quality (I've been in the Orpheum enough to know there is no flash photography!)

We were in row G, so 7 rows from the stage... Pretty good seats!

I am always amazed at how beautiful the Orpheum theatre is inside. 
This is a picture of the ceiling.

The necessary "after show poster pic"

Les Miz did NOT disappoint!
It immediately broke my top 5. 
& on top of that, I am EXTREMELY excited to watch it on the big screen in December!!!

Had to post it, it's just TOO awesome not to!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


CJ and AUD go to a Giants game, 2012.

Yosemite Hike -- Check!
Bike June Lake -- Check!
Go Camping -- _______
Go to the beach -- Check!
Giants game -- Check!

A little over a month ago, I really wanted to go to a Giants game. It was a necessity!
However, it seemed like every time I came down to Cali (I have every other weekend off), the SF Giants would be out of town... 
Finally, on July 14th, CJ and I (joined by our good friend Steve aka Hawkeye) went to a Giants game.

Bleacher seats are always fun... I prefer them over nosebleeds!

Hawkeye or "hot guy"?

My bee-eff-eff was at the game with her family & our good friend from high school Corne, so of course we HAD to meet up... At the bottom of the 8th inning when it was supposedly "clear we were gonna win" we walked over to their seats (much better seats closer to 3rd base) & sat with them.

Yeeahhhh, the game lasted until the 11th inning because the other team tied it up in the 9th!

LOVE THIS KID! The best moment of the game was when I got him to do the scary face.

After the game we all went onto the field, courtesy of Rick.
(Hector, me, Corne, Irmz, Chris, Rick, Carlene)

The kid is cute, but boy was he heavy!! Irma must have some muscles to carry this guy!
Future line-backer?

Walking along the field to go towards Rick's office.

If you know the stadium well, then you know where this pic was taken.

Me and Corne in front of Rick's office.

Rick had some awesome stuff in his office, I swear it was like a museum!

Giants game, check!
Good times with great friends, check! check!
Now when's the next game?