Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Day 5: 06/09/13 Vacation begins NOW

You must be wondering where in the world day 4 went? Did it disappear? Did they not do anything all day long? Does Audrey not know how to count!?

Well, we got married on June 8, 2013 and therefore, I have decided that all things wedding should have it's own epic series... Enter: CJ&AUD WEDDING EDITION -- coming soon (mostly because I need all the pictures first - hehe) so you're going to have to be a little more patient for those gems!

SO, FINALLY!! we're MARRIED! Wahoo!!
and now we can FINALLY join in on the vacation portion of our trip!!

What's the first thing we do? SHOP, of course! Aloha Swap Meet, here we come!! (again)

CJ looking at shirts for friends and family

Cool hat I found. It was pink and green!

Met up with Katie and Carl to shop til we drop!

CJ bought a coconut to quench his thirst while at the stadium!

I got to enjoy a bag of fresh mango (YUMMY!) by myself since CJ is allergic =(

The awesome thing about this coconut stand is that when you're done drinking your coconut, you can bring it back to the stand and she'll open it up for you so you can eat the meat! Winning!!

I took a video of it because she was freaking amazing at it!

Found my favorite family: Mears!

Got this totally cute shot of the cutest boy alive! He was telling his mom he wanted a magnet.

Got a few goodies... This really is the BEST place to get your souvenirs (or other things!)

Our shopping bags! I'm thinking in my head "Oh my, where are we gonna pack this stuff?"

Afterwards, we headed North to go snorkeling at Sharks Cove

Perfect days seem normal around here.

Living the life. CJ was such a great sport driving all over the place

We FINALLY arrived after an unnecessary 30min wait in traffic.

We were supposed to meet up with Trevor, Jackie, and Erick but couldn't find them at first so we set out snorkeling on our own in the little cove.

Katie! I like this shot because you can really see how crystal clear it is!

And here too!! Stupid sharp rocks were NOT fun though.

After some time snorkeling on our own, Erick found us and took us to the real Sharks cove spot.

We LOVE our costco snorkel gear!! BEST investment EVER if you love to travel and snorkel!

Handsome needs to wear sun protection as to not get burnt to a crisp.

Katie getting ready to hop in!

The men: Trevor, Carl, Erick and CJ

Didn't get pics in the water because we didn't have a waterproof case this trip. Bummer!
I TOTALLY swam with a sea turtle! Bucket list checked! I really wish I got a picture with it though.

Afterwards, we had to get Matsumoto's shaved ice. It was TOP of my to-do-eats for Hawaii.

Back-tracking to Waimea.

Amazing view of the mountains in the distance

A long line to get matsumoto's! But TOTALLY worth it!

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cre.... matsumotos! Yelp it here

Nicool and Jason enjoying their delicious snow-cones!

Jason was the first one that got the Green Tea Special and everyone else wanted it afterwards...

Us in line (we got there a little after everyone else and didn't want to cut in line)

Carl and his Green Tea Special! They were all wondering why there is beans in it and I tried to describe that in the filipino culture we have "dessert beans" too.

Katie with her delish looking snow-cone

Jackie being a pretty model... Work that snow-cone!

Trevor got the condensed milk on top, I decided to get it on mine too...

CJ got the Green Tea Special... and it quickly became his favorite!
Side note: he got his white shirt all dirty and yet he still wore it around... haha such a boy.

On the way back to Waikiki I drove because CJ was wiped out.

When we got home CJ and I took a must-needed nap. (We're getting old, people!)

For dinner we had plans with the Pontillas family at MAC24/7 which is in a hotel down the street from ours. We decided to walk since it was such a nice night out & finding parking is so not worth it.

My blue hawaii drink (with an appearance by Jason's beer & Nicool's drink... I forgot what it was) and CJ's water

Strongest drink ever... Didn't even finish it and was tipsy all the way back to the hotel!

Us and our drinks! yum yum and yum!
I look super asian for some reason...

Nicole modeling her after-sun gel for her hurting body
Update: She TOTALLY tanned from this trip, which she said she never does.. So kudos to you Hawaii sun!

CJ wore this watch even though it wasn't working... 
It's a water-resistant watch however it somehow got water damaged.

Shared some delicious pasta with handsome.

Nicool looks amazing in this picture with her beautiful hair & her cute top! I love this pic of these two!
Sad that it's just iPhone quality.

Me and handsome.

yelped MAC24/7 here

Back at our hotel we opened up the gift that CJ's best man, Yee, bought us for our wedding.

Thank you, Yee!! WE LOVE IT & it is in a very special place in our home!!!

At this point it was dawning on us... Only a few more days left in paradise.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Day 3: 06/07/13 Touring tasting the island!

Our wedding rehearsal was the start of day 3 in Hawaii, however, that will be part of the CJ and AUDREY wedding edition series, coming soon... So here is what we did after the rehearsal.

Just so you know in advance, we ate A LOT. Don't judge CJ, it was all my doing... heh

OK first off, Hula Dog.

cool combinations!!

The relish station

Where the magic happens... and I really mean magic!

My combination: Taro bacon bread, polish dog, hot, mango relish with lilikoi mustard
CJ's combination: Taro bacon bread, polish dog, hot, papaya relish with guava mustard

Pigging out to much delight... ***Lilikoi lemonade was SO AMAZING, too!!!

So good that I want to eat BOTH!!! =)
Read our review of Hula Dog here

On to our road trip to north shore!
We arrived to Turtle Bay resort and decided to check out the beach area

So glad we did because it is beautiful!!

I can't stand how blue the ocean is! I miss this...

my handsome (at the time) soon-to-be husband!

CJ is such a great photographer!

Continuing on our road trip...

I REALLY wanted to try Giovanni's Shrimp Truck so we headed towards that direction next.

Stopped at a little hut area and got CJ a coconut.

Decorated nuts!

Nothing beats coconut water from the coconut!
Trust me, we know.. We LOVE drinking coconut water -- coconut, canned, bottled, boxed. Everything!

FINALLY found Giovanni's!!!

This is what it looks like. All the people inside look really young and fun.
CJ of course wanted the spicy shrimp plate. And I ordered the shrimp scampi!

Shrimp scampi... DROOOOOL

CJ and his extra red hot and spicy shrimp!

Almost didn't take pictures because we wanted to dig in!

(everyday I'm yelpin it! Giovanni's review here)

CJ couldn't handle the hot and spicy shrimp so I finished it off for him =)

Had to get a sno-cone afterwards because his mouth was on FIYA!

Next up, we visited the temple in Laie.

Beauts!!! By the way, this is the first temple that I've seen where it's not high up on a hill that you can see miles away... it's ok, location is everything here and the temple was still beautiful!


I wanted to take a picture in front of this awesome looking tree.


As you can see there was an overcast which still looks cool
but I'm sure when it's blue skies it's even more beautiful!

Back to the road we go to head home, we stopped by a few beaches to look around.

Take a look at our vlog in the car... because I know you LOVE watching our car vids!

This is where Hawaiians camp... Next to the ocean! JEALOUS!

Loved these mountains! They reminded me of Jurassic Park so I kept calling them Jurassic Park mountains. They are so distinct to Hawaii though... When we came back to the states, we saw our ugly mountains & realized how much more prettier Hawaiian mountains are.

Our way back into Waikiki we saw this amazing rainbow!
CJ said, "No wonder they have a rainbow on their license plates!"

We needed to drop by a lei shop to buy a lei for my soon-to-be-mom-in-law...
Where do you go for a good lei at a reasonable price? Uh, Chinatown, DUH!

So pretty!! And only for $5!!!

Tired after a long day of traveling... I know, life is rough.

That evening CJ and I went downstairs with my pops to check out the International Market Place and the "block party" that was going on...

Two very important men in my life! (Missing Carl and my gramps)

Me and daddy


Pan Pacific festival... How often do you get to enjoy a festival in downtown Waikiki?

Obviously our first stop!!!

Blue Hawaii, strawberry guava
Lilikoi, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and red velvet

My first bite of Blue Hawaii... OMG OMG OMG.
I could've died and lived a happy and full life (OK not really because we still had to get married)
but it was THAT good.

CJ's salted caramel -- we REALLY liked the macarons
I HIGHLY recommend you seek out the macarons from Life is Sweet!

Video of us at the block party.. At the end of the video some girl came up to us and was like "Do you want me to take a picture of you two?!" I was like, no I was just talking to my peeps.

CJ wanted needed picture here because the sky looked amazing!

Some random lady who was nice enough to take our picture.

a little concert going on by the beach.

Ended our Pan-Pacific festival festivities with Aloha Pops!

They were practically out of every dang flavor we wanted

I chose lilikoi (my obvious choice in hawaii) and CJ had the Lychee (I think?) he wanted the passion orange guava, but like I said, they were pretty much out of everything.


CJ wanted to take a pic by this palm tree...

We walked back to the hotel and said our good-nights early because the next morning was Wedding day!!!! yipee!!

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