Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mexico, 2010 (pt 3)

CJ and AUD go to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, 2010.

Next up... A full day of touring Mexico

Breakfast! Courtesy of Mexico Walmart... 
Bread, mangoes, bananas, yogurt, & passion fruit juice. Everything a breakfast SHOULD have

The tour that we chose included the ruins of Tulum, a mayan village, authentic mexican lunch, Cobá ruins, and cenote swimming!

The tour at the Tulum ruins included a little intro on the Mayan calendar, some maps...
I'll be honest with you, I wasn't really listening... oops!

Oh yes! It was raining cats and dogs that we all bought ponchos

CJ CLEARLY is not happy for some reason (perhaps it was the ponchos?), I don't mind.

On a good (non hurricane day) you can hike down to the beach

Carl was playing with the color change function on his camera, I didn't change clothes.

Next up was a trip to a Mayan village... This wasn't originally on our tour.

Making homemade tortillas... mmmmm

CJ sooo wanted to keep that monkey

I, however, was kind of creeped out 

Love at first sight...

A little grossed out.

The face of a happy little boy!

Jewelry anyone?

Lunch was at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Enjoying his Coke from the bottle

We then ventured off to the Coba ruins.

In order to get to the main ruins, you can hire these bike riders to take you there.
Our biker was named Bernado and he was AWESOME!

Here is a video of us on the bike... in our ponchos... with Bernado... in the jungle

The Coba ruin that you can climb

Carl awesomely stands out in his yellow shirt
(though when purchasing clothing for this trip, it was PURPOSELY chosen for that very same reason)

This is such a great picture!

I was literally perpendicular to the ruins and if I wasn't holding onto the rope I probably would have fallen on my face. Then rolled down the ruin.

We tipped Bernado a good amount that he probably fed his family for a month...
It's our thanks for him putting up with me.

Last but not least, cenote swimming @ the Coba cenote!

CJ totally slipped on the steps... I laughed checked if he was ok... Then laughed.


That evening it was still pouring outside, so we decided to go to a restaurant that was down the street, Xocolatier. It was a pretty fancy shmancy restaurant.

Carl ordered a "tequila sunrise" without the tequila...
Yeahhhh, the worker clearly didn't speak English well because Carl took a sip & got quite a surprise.

Katie waiting happily for her food!

Why so serious? be continued...