Tuesday, October 14, 2014

C&A series collection

Here are the links to our most current series for your reading pleasure...

C&A HAWAII2013 adventures series:
HAWAII2013 Day 1: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 2: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 3: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 5: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 6: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 7: Click here
HAWAII2013 Day 8: Click here

C&A wedding edition series:

read about the engagement day here
read about the save the date/engagement photos here
read about choosing my bridal party here
read about saying yes to the dress here
read about our co-ed wedding shower here
read about bachelorette fun audrey-style here
read about the rehearsal day mayhem here
read about the pre-ceremony happenings here
read about the best day ever here
read about our post-ceremony happenings here
read about our evening luau spectacular here
read about the phenomenal sunset photo shoot here
read about the awesome California reception here

C&A honeymooning series:
Read our honeymooning day 1 here
Read our honeymooning day 2 cruisin it here
Read our honeymooning day 3 snorkelin it here
Read our honeymooning day 4 shoppin it here
Read our honeymooning day 5 relaxin it here
Read our honeymooning day 6 completin it here