Wednesday, September 26, 2012


CJ and AUD do Color Me Rad 5k, Reno.

If you have never heard of the Color Me Rad 5k, then you need to find out here.

Earlier this summer I found a Color Me Rad Groupon
(Yes, I Groupon like it's nobody's business... Do you think these adventures come cheap?)
Basically, buy one get one free. & if you know me, you know that BOGO's are a weakness.
Of course, I'm not one to pay to run a 5k without it benefitting a really worthy cause...
Color Me Rad 5k Reno will benefit
Special Olympics Nevada
I am so down for that.

Picked up our gear the day before. Sweet shirt, some stunna shades, race bib, & tattooos!
We also bought some extra "color bombs" -- The race came with one, but um, we wanted MORE!

Us at the starting line in our whites joined by 4,000 of our closest friends...

LOVE CJ in those green sunglasses. 
I bet you that 6 years ago (pre-Audrey) CJ would have NEVER been caught wearing those!!

Pre-race photo!
Side note: volunteers were throwing out t-shirts, hats, color bombs, etc. & CJ caught BOTH an extra color bomb and a T-shirt (like the gentleman that he is, he gave both away to kids)

Here's a video of us before the ColorRADness all started:

We were in the second wave, it was packed with people in really fun outfits!
Wish we got a pic with the dudes dressed up like unicorns!

There was a designated "track" around the UNR campus of which we ran/walked & there were stations throughout the route where volunteers would...
1. color bomb us into oblivion (& yes, CJ tottttally rolled around on the colorful ground -- twice)
2. splash a little wet color onto us (& yes, we cheated & went through twice -- shhh!)
3. water stations

Coming up to the first color bombing site: furfle!
It was like going into a dust storm of purple awesomeness.
**After the 5k I was sneezing colorful snot like it's nobody's business**

Handsome getting color bombed by me! UNR campus is REALLY beautiful, btw.

Video of CJ color bombing me... Little stinker!

Uphill = stop for photo op

Approaching the finish line!! WEEEEE!!

Pink haze of color

Look at my sunglasses!

His shirt looked AWESOME!!

Finish line! YAY!!!!

We were both surprised at how quickly the finish line came.

Quick video of us at the finish line!!! You can tell that EVERYONE was having a blast!!

Showing off our un-ColorRAD skin!

CLOSE UP of our colorRAD faces!


LOVE this!!!!!!!

Here's looking at you, kid!

RADness his & hers

Just in case you don't understand how amazingly awesome we're covered in colorRAD starchness
Let me put things into perspective...




Our game faces! 
CJ kept looking at me, laughing, & saying, "You look so funny!" --Right back at ya, babe.

Next up, JUMPING PICS!!!

Few videos of our post-CMR high. On our way back to the car!

It's official, WE LOVE UNR!!!!!

A couple that jumps together, stays together...
& yes we are in the middle of the street. Criminals

Outside the Doughboys Donut shop (my fave donut place in Reno!)

If you haven't already decided that you're in for next year, scroll back to the top of this post and 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

kt visits the hawthornian (part 2)

CJ and AUD (joined by Katie) have winter adventures, 2012.

CJ's family went to Tahoe for the weekend (I had to work).
Since they were pretty close to where I live, CJ and Katie (his sis) decided to come down Sunday night so that on Monday we can all explore Mammoth & do some winter adventures.

CJ wanted me to clarify that he didn't wet his pants, he just sat on the ice for a bit and it melted under his big butt! haha

So romantical

Oh geesh, this is scary stuff, people!


You can see part 1 here