Sunday, January 29, 2012

like a kid in a candy shop

CJ and AUD go to Scheels, 2012.

CJ is home now (sad face) in Vacaville, CA and I am once again a lone ranger in NV.
We both went to California with our friend, Steve, on friday evening.
Since we didn't have to meet up with Steve until 6p.m., we decided to paint the town red and so we went all around Reno to run errands, shop, and just plain have a good time.

Our first stop was Scheels (a sporting goods store on steroids).
The place was HUGE, two stories of all things sporting goods!! It was so big that there was a FERRIS WHEEL in the middle of the store!

I no lie.

I found the most AWESOMEST beanie at Scheels! It's a cuppy-cake!

I kept saying to CJ, "Pweeease, with a cherry on top!"
(I wanted it, but not for $30, which was the price of this cute little beanie. NOOO way, Jose!)

CJ and AUD relaxing on the many benches offered for a quick shopping break.
Does Scheels know how to take care of their customers, or what!!?

CJ got SUPER excited because there were a bunch of guns around that you can easily pick up and hold and check out without having to ask. He was like a kid in a candy store!
They also had all these taxidermic animals all over and it was creeping me out.  

I stumbled upon this and asked it, "BAMBI, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?!!"

Here is our Scheels vlog, ENJOY!

After Scheels, we walked around the shopping area and you will be surprised to know that I did NOT go into Forever21. Self control at it's finest! Two points to Aud! (Long distance high five!!)

We did, however, stumble across this cool fish made out of little fish.

We then mosey'd over to the Apple Store at the Summit Shopping Center.
CJ got a present! See what it was in this video...

I was appalled that he called me his girl friend, did I just get demoted?!!

Since we were up in Reno, I really wanted to watch One For The Money since it JUST came out! 
FYI: Upon receiving a recommendation from my coworker, I have been reading the Janet Evanovich novels.
I am currently on number 4 and I am addicted!!!

We got our tickets and had an hour to kill so we went for lunch at some place called Pizza Balls.
(Don't blame me, I didn't name it!)

After ordering we were kinda scared as to what we got ourselves into... the end, the pizza balls weren't as scary as we thought!
CJ got the equivalent of a combination pizza, and I got a BBQ pulled pork type one. 

After this pic, we ate our PB's and decided to stick to regular pizza. 
Hey! At least you know we always try things at least once!

There were other mini stops we did after the movie but I didn't get pics or do vlogs because it was boring "walk around the mall drinking Peenya Coolada's from Keva Juice" stuff.

I love going home. It isn't until I get to NV that I realize how much I really really love my real home (Cali-four-neye-aye), and how much I really really miss my family (&extended family!)

& now, to celebrate dread being back in NV by myself, I will consume my two favorite "WOE IS ME" snacks, courtesy of Trader Joe's...
Milk Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Pretzels (yes, such a thing exists!!) and Strawberry Licorice.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

star gazing duo

CJ and AUD's first time star gazing, 2007.

Our friend, Steve, told us that there may be a possibility that the Aurora Borealis would be seen down here in Hawthorne. He came down (he currently resides in Reno) for a business thing and we all planned to star gaze in hopes to also catch the Aurora Borealis.
Apparently the last time the Aurora Borealis reached down here was in 2005.

I worked today, but since it is on my bucket list to watch the Northern Lights, I decided it would be worth it to stay up --or sleep in the car until they showed up. (Seriously, I have been planning a trip to FINLAND to watch the Northern Lights. I want to see them SOO BAD!)

Unfortunately, there was a lot of clouds in the sky and so we stopped our search for the lights by 9:30 p.m. We got to lay out and star gaze for a while and it reminded me of the first time CJ and I star gazed together.

In the summer of 2007, when we first started dating, CJ asked me if I wanted to ride a bike to the park & star gaze. Little did I know the "bike" he was referring to was a Rhoades Car (a four-wheeled bike that drives like a car).

We took the Rhoades car to the park by his house, laid out a blanket, and star gazed.
(All the while, our friend Jason B. & his bro were jumping all around the park -- Parkouring was popular back then) 

It was one of the most memorable moments of our first year together.

Monday, January 23, 2012

4 blades, 4 lakes, one heck of a time!

CJ and AUD go ice skating on a frozen lake, 2011.

So as promised, we bought ice skates!! 



I'm sooo happy that they are PINK!

We picked up the skates at Mammoth Sporting Goods & got them sharpened at the ice skating rink.
One of the workers suggested we try out Rock Creek Lake (for some odd reason, I thought it was called Bear Creek Lake). The sales guy stated that Rock Creek Lake is located about 20min south of Mammoth.
It is also pretty high up and has the highest paved road in California.

He said that it would have thicker ice than Silver Lake right now and since he's a local we decided to try it out since we were only 20 minutes away and then on our way back hit up the rest of the lakes!

The beautiful, windy Rock Creek Lake!!

I wonder how the edge of the lake freezes like that

proof! haha

CJ wanted to make a vid on iMovie with the several videos that we took while on the lake.

On our way back up 395 I really wanted a cheeseburger. More specifically in-n-out, but since Mammoth doesn't have anything but restaurants and fast foodies, we went back to the same little cafe that we went to on our last trip...

It's called New York Deli and we shared a BBQ Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.
It was soo huge and it was soo good.

Don't judge me! I can't help that I love good food!

On our way home we made quick stops at Convict lake, June lake and Silver lake.
Unfortunately, all three of these lakes were only partially frozen and definitely not ice skating material.

Convict lake was incredibly windy. Like incredibly windy.

June lake was solid in some areas (more than our last visit) but still unskateable.

Silver lake was solid on our last visit and we were soo excited to stop by and whip out our skates, but not this time... This time Silver lake was not in ice skating condition.
Several parts of the lake were melted through.
We got out and stood on the frozen bank of the lake and took some pics.

I'm a little upset with myself because 1. I forgot my camera at home and 
2. I didn't get a picture of both of us in our skates at Rock Creek lake.

I am so lucky! What a cutie pie!

trying to act innocent

On our way home I took this video in the car.

This is a typical CJ and AUD moment.
After I cut recording I was beat boxing and singing for CJ.
Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with me. =)

Monday, January 16, 2012


CJ and AUD's first bonfire on Ocean Beach, 2008.

For my cousin Kristy's birthday, she wanted to have a bonfire at Ocean beach.
CJ and I went to our first bonfire together (CJ has gone to bonfires with friends *girls* before).

It was fun but if you know Ocean beach, you know it wasn't warm... & CJ does not do well with cold.

We (meaning HE) used every blanket in my car!

If you know Ocean Beach, you know it's cold ALL the time... even when the sun is out!

& it is even more cold at night!

CJ's best friend Matt joined us later in the evening with Shelly (CJ's cousin).

My favorite sunset picture on the beach.
NOTE the 3 blankets. haha!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

upcoming adventures

Forgot to blog earlier today. I meant to get onto my external hard drive to get pictures from circa 2007 or 2008 (two VERY good years) but I had an acute severe case of vertigo today & was having a horrible day being dizzy.

So, quickly before bed (work tomorrow, boo adulthood). I wanted to announce something...
CJ and I will be investing in some ice skates.
Yes, you read correctly. Ice.skates.

Now neither of us really excel at ice skating, me especially since I had once shattered my coccyx engaging in the lovely sport. However, due to our time exploring the eastern sierras & seeing how awesome it would be to whip out some ice skates & skate a frozen lake... OF COURSE that's right up our adventure alley!!

Videos, pictures, & hopefully no broken bones soon to come!
So stay in tune because there will be some exciting adventures in store for you to read about!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

creaky frrrozen lakes

CJ and AUD explore the Eastern Sierras of California, 2012.

CJ is back in Nevada for a little bit and he waited patiently for my week work to end so that we can explore on my three day weekend!

We initially planned to go to Yosemite because the pass isn't closed due to the very dry winter we've been having. (I think the big guy upstairs has answered my prayers of a not-so snowy time here in NV!)

One of my coworkers suggested we try out June Lake which isn't very far from Yosemite. CJ googled it (because of course we had never heard of it) and he said it looks very beautiful. Just like that, plans changed & we decided to check it out!

We packed a lunch, water & some snacks and set out for June Lake...

On our way up you can see these waterfalls that are half frozen and half running. 
It was beautiful.

Our first stop was Silver Lake. One of the lakes near June Lake.
It was completely frozen over & it was making crazy creaking sounds.

Here's a video of us at the lake.

It was our first time stepping out onto a frozen lake. When the lakes around here freeze over and there isn't snow, it is normal for visitors to whip out their ice skates and go skating!
CJ and I are thinking about investing in some for ourselves when we explore so that way we can join in on the fun!!

CJ walking on water... ok ICE.

Meditating on a lake was pretty bad ass, if I do say so myself!

Dumb or Dumber? Hanging out in the middle of a frozen lake or trying to lick it?

After our fun on Silver lake we decide to head up to June Lake. 
Parts of June lake was frozen, but the scenery was breathtaking.
THIS is where the saying "stop and smell the roses" originated from. (OK so there are no roses around, but still)
In life, it is so important to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature...
I never really stopped and appreciated nature until I met CJ.

We decided to have a picnic by the lake and CJ was skipping rocks along the frozen areas of June Lake.

Here is a video of CJ skipping rocks on the ice... Listen carefully for the cool sounds it makes!

On the June Lake Loop there are several trails. 
CJ was going to hike one, but there was snow on the ground, it was cold, and the mile hike would've included a 1000 incline he was not prepared for.

The city around June lake is so quaint. We would love to rent (or maybe even own) a cabin here one day.

Look how picturesque this is!!

A little drive later and we're in Mammoth which included the most snow I've seen since arriving in Nevada (& it's not even Nevada)

Mammoth IS open for business, my snowboarding/skiing friends.
AND you can totally stay at my place if you want! (though it is an hour and a half away)

We stopped at a restaurant in town and ate a delicious lunch!
I had sweet potato fries & a tuna melt. CJ had onion rings & a philly cheesesteak.

On the way home CJ had to stop the take a picture of June Meadows.
It was hard to believe that we were just in Mammoth where there was a lot of snow.

I loved that we got to explore the Eastern Sierras.
CJ mentioned that we (probably) would never have found these little gems if I didn't live in Nevada. I hate to admit it (because deep down I think I'm avoiding reasons to be thankful to be living in NV) but he's totally right, and I know it won't be the last time we explore it!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

the adventure gets serious

CJ and AUD get engaged!

I was going home the weekend before Christmas because I worked the weekend OF Christmas
I made CJ a list of things that I definitely wanted to do:
1. get a shrimp burrito from El Patio (check!)
2. watch Sherlock Holmes 2 (check!)
3. visit my family --daddy, mom, sisser, & grandparents (check!)
 4. watch Cirque du Soleil - Totem in San Francisco  (check!)
5. get my Christmas presents early (check!)
best year for Christmas presents EVER: iPad & Tiffany's necklace WOWEE!

lastly and most importantly: spend QT with the love of my life (check!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011 was the day of the CdS show.
When it comes to big dates like this, CJ usually tells me to choose where I want to eat before the show.
This time around I told him to take care of it & that was that...

On our way to SF, CJ was talking about going to lunch at the WaterBar Restaurant.
I never heard of it, but apparently it had an awesome view of the Bay Bridge.

CJ's best friend, Matt, and Matt's girl friend, Karen, were at the restaurant.
"Oh" I thought, "This is a double date"
Lunch was great, very good food, but a little pricey for my likings 
(have you ever bought tickets to CdS? they're expensive! taco bell would have been sufficient)
Afterwards, the couples took turns taking pictures in front of the Bay Bride and in front of my favorite, the Cupid's arrow. 

SIDE NOTE: the last time we were at Cupid's arrow taking pictures was towards the beginning of our relationship in 2007. You can see the blog where I wrote about it here.

It was a beautiful day in SF. Our eyes are so squinty because it was so bright!

Convinced him to do the scary face with me. The things my man does for me!

At the cupid's arrow, CJ was being SUPER critical of the pics Matt was taking;
"Try using the flash"
"Get more of our bodies"
"Turn the camera sideways" ... stuff like that
I told him, "Geesh! Stop being so critical, it's just a picture!"

CJ stared into my eyes and said, "You know I love you, right?"

Feeling a little awkward that CJ was professing his love to me in front of his bud
(anyone that knows us knows that we're not a big PDA couple)
so I said, "CJ we can talk about this latttterrr?"

He replied, "No, we can't"
and proceeded to get down on one knee and pulled out a little box and opened it
(well according to him, he got down on both at first then remembered it was just one knee)

"Will you marry me?"

My first response of course is, "Are you serious!?!!!!!!"

In the end, the answer obviously was YES!

I couldn't believe that we were FINALLY engaged!

Trying to keep the waterworks away from camera view.

His hugs are always good at making the world go away

CJ did SO well choosing the ring, I am impressed.

It took him this long to finally propose but I have to say that time with him is irrelevant
I knew early on in the relationship that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him...
and now I will