Tuesday, January 22, 2013

college football

CJ and AUD go to a College Football game, 2009.

I have never been to a football game. No high school, no college, no NFL. none.
I was born and raised a SF 49er fan
I remember going to my grandparents house and the game would be on TV. My gramps and uncles would be watching it, cheering and always being 100% faithful regardless if they won or loss (obviously they'd be upset when they lost).

But strangely enough, I haven't actually gone to any kind of football game.

This is the story of my first time attending a football game 
(granted it was college football, but college football is awesome)
In 2009, CJ got us some tickets to go to a UCD vs CSUS football game.
The game was at UC Davis and it had been the first time I had really gone on the campus.
The stadium was nice, of course I had to enjoy some prime gametime snackage.

The game was fun and I forget who won (give me a break, I'm getting old) but it gave me a better perspective of how awesome football is.

Now, the 49ers are going to the Superbowl (or Harbowl, as some people refer to it as) and I'm ultra pumped up that my SF teams are thriving!


Friday, January 18, 2013

loving Disney

CJ & AUD's Disneyland adventure, 2011.

On a great SoCal trip with my family, CJ and I decided to take a day for ourselves to spend at one of the happiest places on earth: DISNEYLAND!!!

We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel which had a free shuttle to & from Disneyland every half an hour. This is us flaunting our Disney passes! Love that it features Ariel!
This was a great option & I'll be looking for this option for every Disney visit... We used it a couple times: in the morning to go to Disney, then came back to the room to change into warmer clothing for the night.

At the infamous Mickey grass in the front of the park. We went to the park on one of the slowest days of the year which made it so much more enjoyable!!

"Everyday I'm castle-ing"

Our first ride: Peter Pan's Flight.
I always call CJ Peter Pan cause he never wants to grow up, so this picture was a DEFINITE MUST!

My first time watching the Enchanted Tiki Garden!

Our snack before the show: Pineapple Dole Whip Ice cream!
Oh so yummy!!! Cultive Yogurt in Vacaville sometimes has Pineapple Dole Whip froyo & I ALWAYS get it... Don't even have to put fixins, it's delish by itself!

Cutie pie honey bunch

mmmm good!

Us waiting to go inside the show... The waiting area outside the Enchanted Tiki Garden show had little talking tikis, it was fun to listen to them talk.

I wanted to go check out Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, but unfortunately both rides were closed =(

Spending some time in New Orleans Square...

and of course, I can't resist CLAM CHOWDER IN A BREAD BOWL.
My mouth salivates when I think of it

Toy guns at the shops: we had to do some pirate shopping since the ride was closed.

That wasn't a toothpick? muahaha!

My first visit to the Mint Julep Bar. Oh my deliciousness.

The BEST thing in Disneyland... EVER. THE Mint Julep.

Our ride on the train around Disney, best way to travel from one side to the other!

Doesn't this train conductor look like a REAL train conductor?

I had to beg him to put this hat on for a picture! The things he does for me...

picture op

Our future

Castle pictures. Everyone needs to have a few when visiting Disneyland!

Planking Disney... LOL

Planking Disney Video

Listening to Snow White sing

Pinocchio's puppeteer 

Pluto pup

I forget what ride that was behind us, but this was such a great place to take a picture!
Another plus to slow Disney days: not many people ruining your pics

Indiana Jones ride -- ALWAYS fun. 
I remember my first time riding this ride... I was younger/smaller & they just had a bar that sits across your lap to keep you in... I was on the end seat and at one point I ALMOST fell out of the jeep. Yikes! Now the ride has individual buckles for passengers.

CJ LOVED that Indiana Jones hat, he is so darn cute in it!

The new 3D Star Wars ride was cool. I got slightly sick from the 3D glasses, but it's ok.

Yes, two times in one visit. HAD to.

This time we bought some beignets as well. OMG. OMG. OMG.

Happiest place on earth, for sure.

Toy Story ride!

It was cool the little details Disney puts into the line areas.. Here's a Buzz statue.
I also saw tucked in a little corner somewhere an image of Stitch!

Since we had passes to California Adventure, we went there as the sun started setting.

No other people in the picture make these some of my favorite pictures!


For dinner we bought two meals at CalAdventure... I forget what they were but they were delicious!!
CJ was a little peeved at me that I wanted to stop and take a picture of us & the food because he was SUPER hungry & the food looked/smelled too good to resist!

Yep. DONE.

Our first ride was The Little Mermaid!

If you go to Disneyland or California Adventure, you NEED to do the Fast Pass!!
It allowed us to ride almost ALL the rides we wanted to ride without having to wait in super long lines!

The ferris wheel all lit up at night time... SUCH a great sight to see!

Our last snack of the day: Churro!

Me in my tie-dye sweater and CJ with his blankie waiting for the World of Color show!

Video of us waiting

You don't want to miss this... CJ planking Disney!

I LOVED every second of this visit, it was CJ and my first time at Disney together.
...it won't be our last!